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If you need to keep your photos or videos on your Iphone secret from a nosey person, parents, a girlfriend or boyfriend iSecret is the right app for you.

iSecrets lets you store in a password protected place all images and videos you want. Far from unwanted eyes every time you leave the app the password will be asked. Only you and people you want will access these media files.

If you're forced to open the app to reveal its content, iSecret! lets you set up a second password to access different files from the ones available with the main password.


✓ 2 passwords: one for the main account, the second for "secure content"
✓ Import images from PhotoLibrary,Camera Roll,ClipBoard, Camera.
✓ Import videos from PhotoLibrary or take it inside the app.
✓ Move files throught folders.
✓ Write notes for each image. They will be shown with your photos.
✓ Possibility to copy 1:1 scale images in PhotoLibrary
✓ Possibility to save back your photos scale 1:1 to photolibrary.
✓ Send photos with Email.
✓ Change up to 100 background themes.
✓ Customizable folders, with different colors, icons and transparency.